At 23ZERO it’s all about YOU & the Canadian Adventure…

At 23ZERO it’s all about YOU & the Canadian Adventure…

2017 marked the beginning of 23ZERO, a new era in Rooftop tents and awnings for both the Australian and USA markets; the newly formed team brought over 25 years of experience in camping and new innovative products for the vehicle-based camping market. The word Overland was still new but already encompassed rooftop tents, awnings, and a slew of general camping gear, creating a better experience for you. Since opening, we have expanded to offer products in Canada also.

Their mission was to create a quality brand with value for money that anyone could afford.

We did not set out to be the cheapest product as this usually brings corner-cutting, inferior materials, and shortcuts that shorten the product’s life. Instead, we set out to build the best softshell rooftop tent, the best hardshell rooftop tent, the best 270 degree awning, and accessories to match.

We approach product design with an attention to detail that few others even consider. We go a long way to ensure our products are better. We lead the way with design features and material innovation, including the legendary LST, light suppression technology, and the latest 100% certified ECO13B fabric from recycled PET bottles. This stops waste headed for our landfills and oceans and makes for a more durable and waterproof fabric than the water-thirsty materials we used in the past.

The founders still work day to day and have since brought to the growing team a new mix of avid campers explorers who, in themselves, have become industry experts by not only using the product but also the constant feedback we get from the thousands of customers we look after on the phone and email every day.

We constantly test new features and models before we bring them to market so we can confidently ensure the useability is as good as it can be.


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Without you and your input we just couldn’t continue to produce the quality gear that you depend on to make your adventure memorable for all the right reasons.

We take onboard all the feedback we receive and try to work it into our continual product development, this is how we stay in the drivers seat with regard to product development.

We use conservative product runs, which allows us to quickly implement improvements into our product without having to wait for the next season production, some times it’s just small things all of the effort goes to make the best Roof Top Tent, Awning and Overlanding Gear you can get your hands on.

If you have any questions or feedback for us please call us on 8558757755 8.30am to 4pm M to F or send us a message Contact 23ZERO